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July 30, 2021

Buying tires can be an overwhelming experience. There are hundreds to choose from, with varying types that suit different weather conditions and driving preferences.

Tires need replacing, especially when they start to wear out. It can be a little bit of a hassle and a challenge to get them off and on, but it has to happen. Good thing you can buy relatively cheap replacement tires, even online!

However, there is an emerging “trend” of selling counterfeit tires. These tires are usually secondhand ones that have been reworked to make them look new and durable. Worse, you might chance upon fake tires. These tires are counterfeit in a way that they won’t last you long enough, and it may be sooner than you think that you have to replace your tires again. Of course, that only makes you spend twice as much as compared to when you buy brand new tires. In this article, we have listed 5 simple ways you can spot counterfeit tires yourself.

1. Feel the tires if they’re flimsy

Remember the old adage “kick the tires”? It still stays true today! There’s a reason many people “kick their tires” upon buying to check whether or not the tires are flimsy.

Give it a few good and solid taps with your feet. If it shows signs of stress or damage from those few simple kicks, then you might have bought a counterfeit tire. Raise this concern immediately because you bet these sets of tires won’t last through the heavy wear and tear that comes with driving

2. Check the color

Tires may vary in color because not all tires are a standard black. So it is possible to get tires that are not as black. However, if you find tire shops trying to convince you that red, yellow, or green tires are a standard tire color, then be wary or just walk away. That’s obvious enough reason to believe that the tires they are trying to sell are fake ones.

3. Examine the specifications

The specifications, but most importantly the tread depth, is a crucial factor to consider when buying replacement tires. If tread depth is not too deep, know that there is definitely something wrong with the tire. It may be a reworked secondhand tire or, worse, a fake one. Make sure you don’t skip this step because tread wear is essential when it comes to buying tires. This determines your car’s contact and traction with the road. Therefore, ensuring your safety.

4. Ask for documents or paperwork

Brand new and original tires always come with paperwork. You can easily identify a fake dealer when they fail to provide you with documents about the tire you’re buying. On the other hand, a credible and professional tire manufacturer will always provide you with ownership documents and warranty cards, along with a user manual.

5. Check the tire details

Take a good look at the tires before buying them. Fake tire dealers will always try to copy original tires, but they always seem to fail when it comes to the details and spelling. A fake tire brand logo or a misspelled tire name are the first signs that tires are counterfeit

Save yourself from the aggravation and buy only brand new and original tires. With GoGulong, you can rest assured that you’re paying only for the best quality there is.

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