6 Car Tire Essentials to Prepare for Your Road Trips This Summer

Mar 1, 2022

Summer is almost here, and what better way to spend your vacation than to take a road trip? These plans can be an exciting way to explore new places without the irksome bad weather. The downside is that traffic will likely be just as bad, doubling the hours you spend on the road.

Whether you’re traveling to a different city, or just driving around town, it is extremely important to make sure your trip is safe and secure. What are the preparations that you have to make before hitting the road? In this blog, we will share with you tips on how to get your vehicle ready before heading out.

Prepare for Your Summer Road Trips with These Easy Steps

Road trip preparations can be a hassle, but knowing what to check and how to get things done can make it easy for you. So we’ve listed down the important things for you to check before you travel:

  1. Check your tires and tire pressure.

    Road accidents are often caused by a faulty tire, so it’s important for drivers and car owners to ensure their tires are in top condition. Make sure to check each tire for signs of damage. Check your tire treads and your tire pressure. Make sure to inflate each tire according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Bring a spare tire in case of emergency. If you’ll be traveling long distances, consider getting new tires before your trip.

  2. Replenish your car fluids.

    Make sure to top off your car’s fluids before you head out. Check your engine oil, coolant, and wiper fluids, as well as your transmission, brake, and power steering fluids.

  3. Check the brakes and battery.

    Have a professional check your brakes before your trip, especially when you’re traveling long distances. Inspect your battery and make sure it’s charged and has clean terminals. Bring jumper cables with you in case you need them. Consider replacing a battery that’s more than three years old to keep your summer road trips smooth and worry-free.

  4. Make sure your lights are working.

    Check the condition of your headlights and taillights, as well as your turn signals and brake lights. Make sure your interior lights are working, too. If you have sidelights, fog lights, and hazard lights, check on them as well for good measure.

  5. Run your air conditioner.

    Summer road trips are often hot and uncomfortable so make sure your air conditioner is working properly before traveling. Consider getting your air filters cleaned or swapped out.

  6. Bring an emergency kit.

    To complete your preparations, pack an emergency kit with first aid items and essential medicines with you for your trip. Keep an emergency tool box for your car, and don’t forget to bring flashlights, reflectors, and even flares.

Best Practices for Summer Road Trips

Aside from the six important vehicle preparations, here are some best practices to consider for your summer road trips:

  1. Plan your route.

    Make sure to plan your route before hitting the road. A road trip in the Philippines can be a hassle when you’re stuck in traffic or when you have to make detours because of road repairs. So be sure that you know where you’re going. Use tools like Google Maps to make your planning easier.

  2. Know your auto shops.

    No matter how well-prepared you may be prior to the actual trip, accidents can always occur so it’s best to plan for them as well. For worst cases, the most practical option is to consult expert mechanics around the area. However, you don’t need to scour the place on foot just to find a good shop to entrust your vehicle. If you’re in need of car tire replacements, you’re in luck because purchasing from GoGulong will also link you to the nearest auto shops in your area.

  3. Know your emergency hotlines.

    It’s handy to keep a list of the numbers you may need for any situation. Identify the nearest hospitals or police stations along your route. Make sure your phone is working and fully charged during the trip.

Have a Fun-Filled Summer on the Road

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