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November 29, 2021

Celebrating Christmas is nothing short of delightful, especially in the Philippines. The streets shine brighter than the night sky in December—but of course, this includes the heavy traffic you’d typically encounter during holiday season.

If you’re planning to travel this Christmas, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the challenge. Whether you’re traveling to your hometown or you’re heading out on a casual holiday road trip, it’s important to check your car beforehand. Car maintenance is extremely necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe from the holiday frenzy, so better read on to learn more about car maintenance tips to ready your machine for the holidays.

Make Your Holidays Safe and Merry with These Car Maintenance Tips

During the holidays, you’d probably be on the road a lot because of shopping, or because you’re speeding your way to a well-earned vacation with the family. The last thing you’d want to happen is to experience a sudden breakdown in the middle of the expressway.

Follow our simple car maintenance tips to avoid spending Christmas stuck in your car:

Oil Change

The best way to avoid engine problems is by maintaining clean and efficient motor oil. Cars have a recommended time of when they should undergo oil changing. If left unmanaged, this can significantly reduce your engine’s performance. Having a poorly functional car engine will make it difficult for you to drive around.

Check your Brakes

No need to sing “I’ll be home for Christmas”—we’ll make sure you get there right on time and in one piece. To ensure safe road travel, don’t forget to check your brakes. Take the appropriate time to see if they’re working properly. If they happen to be problematic, have it repaired immediately. This will prevent the risks of any vehicular accidents, especially at a time when the number of cars on the road doubles in quantity.

Replace your Battery

Is your car battery still working fine? It’s recommended to test your battery twice a year to avoid any breakdowns. Spare yourself the imminent hassle of your car suddenly not starting right in the middle of the road.

Car Wash

Of course, car maintenance isn’t just about ensuring that your car is functioning well. It’s also about maintaining its cleanliness. You wouldn’t want to drive your family in a car that’s messy and dirty. You can wash and vacuum it yourself or have it done by professionals. This way, it works and looks good!

Assess your Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. They determine the safety and smoothness of your travels. Having a broken tire can put you (as well as the other vehicles and pedestrians around you) in a very dangerous position. You must have their air pressures checked regularly. You also need to check if they are properly balanced and not worn out. If they are, the best would be to replace them.

Is Your Car Ready for the Holidays?

As the busiest time of the year draws near, remember to evaluate your car performance with these car maintenance tips for the holidays. Not only will you have a faster and better travel experience, but you can also rest assured of everyone’s safety as you take the wheel.

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