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December 23, 2021

Imagine driving around with a bad tire—it can be incredibly inconvenient and scary. To ensure that your tires are performing their functions at best, they must be checked regularly. This is why it pays to know what to look for when choosing a tire that will meet (and even exceed) your expectations. Learn about what makes a good tire by knowing the right car tire components to consider.

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be overwhelming. To make the process much more convenient, the following factors below can help you reach the right decision:

Rubber compound

The rubber compound refers to the materials mixed together to create the tire. Heavier compounds are used for bigger tires such as those of trucks, while smaller ones are used for the standard vehicles. This is often likened to a cake because the process of making them are quite similar.

Of course, just like making a cake, you need to find out how the tire was made to make sure the product is well-crafted and top quality. The materials used to make the rubber compound can determine how long you can use the tire at its best. Check the outside tread of the compound (affects the gas mileage and traction) and the inside rubber (provides stability to the tread)


The tread, or the textured surface of the tire, ensures a good grip on the road surface, allowing for safe driving. It also provides high mileage and water expulsion.

The tread comprises three areas: the cap (the part most in contact with the road surface), the base (serves as the casing, reducing rolling resistance and damage to the rest of the internal structure), and the shoulder (serves as a transition from the tread to the sidewall of the tire).

When you buy a new tire, make sure that the tread pattern is ideal for the type of roads you are usually driving on. Your possible options also vary depending on their use.

Tires with symmetric tread patterns are the most common and cost-efficient. Often referred to as “multi-directional”, they can be mounted on the wheel and rotated in any direction without affecting performance.

Asymmetric tread patterns, on the other hand, enhance performance of the tire, such as water dispersal or dry grip and snow traction. Then there’s directional tread patterns, typically found in high-performance tires, which boosts hydroplaning resistance at higher speeds by moving water from under the contact patch.

Internal structure

One of most important tire elements, the internal structure maintains the consistency of the content patch. It also enables the tread pattern to work efficiently during wet conditions. You need to assess if the internal structure of your prospective tire is appropriate for your vehicle.

Aside from the tread, the following make up the internal structure of a tire:

  1. Jointless cap plies: Made of a single, strong cord of nylon embedded in the rubber, this layer, located directly below the tread, allows the tire to travel at high speeds.
  2. Steel cord belt plies: These are strong steel cords that provide the tire with rigidity. They retain the shape and directional stability of the tire, reduce rolling resistance, and increase the tire’s mileage performance.
  3. Textile cord ply: Found inside the casing, this layer of rubberized rayon or polyester controls the internal pressure of the tire.
  4. Inner liner: This is an airtight layer of butyl rubber that controls the tire pressure through the air-filled inner chamber, and acts as an inner tube in modern, tubeless car tires.
  5. Sidewall: This is the exterior wall of the tire, which protects the casing from external damage.
  6. Tire bead: Still a part of the casing, this component allows the air pressure to hold the tire in place. The bead comprises three parts, namely: the bead reinforcement (a fine cabling that enhances directional stability), the bead apex (the stabilizing wedge that provides additional steering comfort), and the bead core (the “heart” of the bead, which makes sure that the tire stays on the wheel rim).

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