Here Is Why You Need To Rotate Your Tires

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Mar 1, 2021

If there’s anything you need to know about tire maintenance, it’s this one. Regular tire rotation can actually help extend the life and durability of your tires. More than this, it also helps improve your tire and vehicle’s overall performance. Most drivers and car owners don’t pay attention to their tires not unless they start to get flat.

But, if you’re all for safety and saving your money, then you should definitely consider getting a tire rotation schedule ASAP.

What is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation means regularly changing the position of each of your vehicle’s tires. Car owners should know that it’s best to rotate your tires as recommended by the manufacturer, or each time you reach about 5,000 miles. Typically, that means you need to get your tires rotated at the same time you get your vehicle’s oil changed.

Why is it Important to Rotate Your Tires?

For one, periodically rotating your tires will give you a reasonable amount of time to inspect them for possible damages, checking the air pressure and tread depth, or having them rebalanced if you’ve recently noticed a vibration.

More importantly, tires are rotated to ensure that they wear evenly. After all, your tires are literally where the rubber meets the road. So regularly caring for each of your vehicle’s tires is a must if you want to keep driving and traveling safely.

Forgetting or neglecting tire rotation can cause emergencies. For example, a front-wheel-drive vehicle will result in front tires having significantly less tread than those of the rear tires. So in an emergency situation, or when the road is wet, the vehicle could be a lot more difficult to control, resulting in serious road accidents.

Lastly, some cars with alignment problems or no suspension at all may cause unusual wear patterns on tires that have not been rotated, which shortens its life. Tread cupping is one distinctive wear pattern that causes high noise levels and vibration, so do yourself a favor and avoid these instances by sticking to a tire rotation pattern.

Things To Remember

1. It is not advisable to DIY your tire rotation. Book an appointment at your nearest tire shop and have a professional take a look at and rotate your tires.

2. There are different tire rotation patterns available for each type of vehicle. Make sure you’re well-educated about these. Consult a professional before getting your tires rotated to know which tire rotation pattern is best suited for your vehicle.

3. Tire rotation schedules depend on the make or model of your tires, and also by how far you’ve driven your vehicle lately. Don’t go about rotating your tires just because you feel like it's safer that way. Again, consult a professional about your tire rotation schedule and which tire rotation pattern suits your vehicle.

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