Consult an Expert Technician To Avoid These Car Tire Problems

Feb 3, 2022

Even the finest car tires get tired (pun intended) of performing optimally at some point. While some are built to last you for a long time, a tire’s lifespan is always numbered. After all, it’s the most exposed and worn part of any vehicle.

This is also why it’s one of the areas that demand the most attention. However, some tire issues can be difficult to solve alone. That is why you will likely be better off consulting a good mechanic.

Why is car tire repair important?

Car tire maintenance is a necessity, regardless of what caused the damage in the tires. Common problems can be a result of it naturally nearing its so-called expiration date, or perhaps a minor driving mishap.

Whatever the case, the key is to be familiar with possible problems that you may encounter when maintaining your car tires. By learning this, you can be better prepared. Wheels dictate the quality of your ride, so it’s worth taking a crack on.

In order to properly care for a vehicle, you must understand potential risks and issues, and how to address them head-on.

Warning signs to watch out for

No matter how good the quality is, a car tire will wear out eventually. Once they’ve “expired”, they tend to be frail and easy to damage.

There are several warning signs to watch out for when assessing the state of your car tires. If their threads are visible, they have cracking or dry rot, they have an uncommonly soft spot or bulge, cause the vehicle to vibrate, or show irregular tread wear, then it’s time to start looking for tire replacements.

Misalignment is another common problem wherein the tires on one side are more worn out or blown up than the other. Other notable signs would be having a crooked steering wheel, or having your vehicle veering off to one side.

Of course, another possible damage to look out for are punctures on the tire itself, which are typically caused by sharp things on the road that you run over. This can also cause the loss of tire pressure.

While it would seem appealing to try and resolve these issues by yourself with the aid of a trusty YouTube tutorial, it’s always better to leave it to the hands of experts instead. Visit a credible tire service shop and have mechanics take care of your car tire problems.

Avoid these road risks by seeing a tire technician

Bad car tires aren’t just inconvenient. They can actually endanger your life and safety. If you’ve been seeing even a few of the warning signs mentioned above, it’s best to consult an expert and have your car checked and tires repaired as soon as possible.

By prolonging the problem, you are opening yourself and your peers up to possible dangers, such as:

  • Heat buildup

    Experts say that heat is a car tire’s worst enemy. Tires, being made of rubber compounds, are prone to deterioration and even separation once they reach critical temperature levels of 200 to 210°F.

    The airflow between the treads helps to keep the tire cool, but when the car tire’s treads begin to thin out, you may run the risk of having an overheated tire.

  • Blowout

    Heat buildup can eventually lead to a blowout. A blowout is when the car tire actually blows up while you’re driving. According to Tire Rack, blowouts are typically caused by underinflated tires. When the air pressure in a tire is too low, the tire may flex beyond its limits, which results in overheating and the rubbe’s loss of bond to the tire's internal fabric and steel cord reinforcement.

    A blowout often happens at high speeds, and such an incident can lead to a fatal accident.

  • Decreased handling

    Tire treads were designed to help the tire have a better grip on the road, channeling out water so you’re safe when driving in bad weather conditions. If you have worn tire treads, it will be a lot more difficult to handle your car on the road. This may also open up problems with hydroplaning.

    When your vehicle hydroplanes, it can be impossible to control. This happens in flooded areas, when water gets in front of the car tires faster than the weight of the vehicle can push it out. The water pressure can raise your vehicle, so when this happens, you may lose contact with the road.

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