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October 29, 2021

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, especially when you’re on the road. So before hopping into your car, best be prepared to handle even the worst situations. To help you out, below are some of the most common driving emergencies motorists encounter. Also included are tips on how to deal with them. Buckle up and let’s go!

Blown Tire

Tire blowouts aren’t as common as they used to be, especially with many quality tires sold through GoGulong like Dunlop tires. Still, if you find yourself with a busted tire while driving, then best remember the following:

  1. Hold the steering wheel as tightly as you can, and keep your vehicle straight.
  2. Do NOT step on the brake. Otherwise, your wheels will get locked and you’ll lose control of your vehicle.
  3. Gradually slow down your car by removing your foot from the gas pedal.
  4. Steer the car off the road or towards the right lane when it’s safe.
  5. Pull over and replace the blown tire.

Stalled Engine

Engine failure has many causes, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your engine is in tiptop shape before you go cruising. But in case you’ve already done that and your engine stalls anyway, take these steps:

      1. Shift your car’s transmission to neutral (N), and attempt to restart your engine.
      2. If it doesn’t start, turn on your hazard lights, and gently step on the brake while attempting to steer towards the side of the road.
      3. Try to restart your vehicle again as soon as you’ve stopped. If it still doesn’t turn on, call for help immediately.
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Brake Failure

Experiencing brake malfunctions while on the road isn’t just dangerous; it’s very scary, too! So should your brakes suddenly fail, do these:

      1. Downshift your car’s transmission (Gear 1 for manual; Gear L-1 for automatic).
      2. Start pumping on the brake pedal fast to build up brake fluid pressure.
      3. If this doesn’t work, apply the parking brake. Keep your hand on this brake so you can immediately release it once your car begins to skid.
      4. If that still doesn’t work, turn on your headlights and sound your horn to warn other drivers.
      5. Look for an escape route, preferably a road with an uphill slope.
      6. If you must hit something, choose the softest spot you can find (i.e., bushes, chain link fences, etc.)

(Note: Do NOT turn off the ignition while your vehicle is still moving. Otherwise you’ll lose control of your power steering in this life or death situation).

Shattered Windshield

Having your windshield broken while on the road is another scary (albeit less hazardous) driving experience. If you ever encounter this emergency, then better do the following:

      1. Turn on your hazard lights and sound your horn to warn other drivers.
      2. Gently steer away your vehicle towards the right lane or away from the road.
      3. Get out of your car to assess the damage.
      4. If it’s minor, then you can take your car for repairs yourself. But if damage is bigger, then have your car towed to the nearest repair shop.

Stay Calm During Driving Emergencies

With proper preparation and car care, you can easily avoid mishaps on the road. But in case you encounter any of the driving emergencies above, stay calm and follow the steps we mentioned.

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