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August 19, 2020

Tires are the most important safety feature of your car. Taking care of them is an integral part of basic car maintenance. As for tire upkeep, replacing them by buying new ones is the equivalent of that.

Buying new tires is not something that you regularly do as a car owner as it’s only done when needed. Situations that merit the purchase of new tires include damage such as uneven wear on treads and when their tread depth is diminished. A tire with a tread depth below 1.6 millimeters (2/32 inches) lacks grip which will impair braking distance and vehicle control. These tires are not safe for driving and must be replaced.

You can determine how much tread depth your tire has with a simple trick using a coin. In the U.S., they use a quarter. Here in our country, we can use our own one peso coin.

Having a new set of tires can protect you from accidents on the road, so it’s only right that you’re well informed when you’re choosing them. Also, it’s an investment for your investment, and we’re sure that you want to have your time and money’s worth for your new rubber. To lend you a hand in doing just that, this article will tackle everything you need to know when buying new tires.

Tire size

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying new tires is the size. There are many things that can happen if you have the wrong size of tire installed on your car. It can reduce the performance capacity of your car among other things.

You can find your car manufacturer’s recommended tire size in the owner's manual or the placard that is on the driver’s door. You can also see the size of the tire on the sidewall. You can find the tire size measurements on it which consists of the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter.

Here at GoGulong, you can make your search for your preferred tires easier by using the size filter. We have tires from different brands with plenty of sizes that you can choose from that may be able to fit your car. You can also search your preferred tire using your car model and the year it was made.

In case you’ve made a mistake and purchased a tire that is the wrong size, we will do our best to help you get the right tires when you reorder. We also have a crew that can assist you via chat, email, and phone with your inquiries.

Tire Type

The right tire type for your vehicle has to meet the minimum requirements such as how you drive, your expectations for tire life, the weather where you do most of your driving, and the surfaces you travel on. It can also be found on the driver’s manual and the placard on the door pillar behind the driver’s seat. Other requirements aside from what is indicated are subjective and it is totally up to you to decide on which attributes you think are important.

Tire shop

There are plenty of tire shops where you can shop for new tires. But do they meet your requirements? How wide is their selection? Do you have to wait in line during installation? Are they near where you’re located?

GoGulong answers all these questions. With our tire shop finder on our website, we use the customer’s GPS to find where our nearest tire shop partner is located where they can book and schedule their installation. No need to wait in a queue when having your new tires installed. We vetted our partner shops and they are legitimate, established, and have good history so you are sure that you can trust them.

For any complaints or concerns, GoGulong will intervene to ensure all is fair. We thrive on customer satisfaction and transparency. If you still didn’t get what you were expecting, leave a comment on our site and Facebook page for everyone to see. We’d appreciate it if you gave us your feedback because good reviews is paramount to our success.

We also have a wide selection of tires provided by twelve trusted brands in the country. You can be sure that the tires that we sell are of high quality and won’t cost you a huge sum of money.


Last but not least, you should also check for honest reviews about the product and the quality of service of the tire shop itself. Shops with honest reviews on their products and services listen to customer feedback and are using these comments to improve their service to build trust and patronage.

These are all that you need to know when you’re buying new tires. If you have any more questions about our services, please feel free to inquire.

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