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July 14, 2022

Some people don’t put too much thought into the size of their vehicle’s tires. But the truth is,TIRE SIZE matters a lot. Not only does it help your ride maintain optimal performance, but it will also play a huge role in your safety and car expenses.

So whenever you’re out getting a set of replacement tires for your car, make sure you pick the ones with the right size. If you don’t know how, then check out the tips below.

Tip 1: Look at the Tire’s Sidewalls

The easiest (and best) way to check your vehicle’s exact tire size is by looking at the tires’ sidewalls. In it, you’ll find the ACTUAL tire size etched or raised as seen in the figure below:

All tire manufacturers place the tire size (and other important details) on the sidewalls to make it easier for drivers to pick the best ones for their cars. So just stoop down and look at your tires’ sidewalls whenever you want to know its size.

Tip 2: Check the Driver’s Door or Inside Jamb

Alternatively, you can also find your car tire’s recommended size on the driver’s door or inside jamb. Vehicle manufacturers usually slap their cars with a tire information sticker (which contains the recommended tire size, pressure, etc) on those spots. For example, here’s one found in a Honda Brio:

However, bear in mind that checking this technique isn’t as reliable as looking at the tires’ sidewalls when checking sizes. That’s because some vehicles have tire information stickers listing multiple recommended tire specs. For example, take a look at this one from a Ford Lynx:

As you can see, the Lynx’s tire information sticker recommends four tire sizes, pressures, and what-not. So while it does provide lots of useful tire information, you should not rely on tire information stickers alone.

Tip 3: Read the Owner’s Manual

Lastly, you can check the recommended size for your car’s tires by reading the owner’s manual. Even the least user-friendly manual can serve as an excellent resource for any information about your beloved ride and its tires. From the recommended tire sizes to the various trim levels for this or that make and model, it’s all down there.

But as with checking the tire information sticker, you should not just rely on the manual alone. To properly know the exact size for your particular vehicle, you must look at the sidewalls.


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