How to Optimize Your Car Tire Shopping Experience

Feb 4, 2022

Here’s a scenario for you: You own a nice car, but you find yourself stuck in a rather bumpy ride. Perhaps your wheels are a little too difficult to maneuver, and you can’t help succumbing to the anxiety of a potential tragedy in the making.

Such a situation may not be so far off from reality, so when it does happen to you, don’t go for the most common horror movie sin and ignore the warning signs. What should you do? Opt for the second most common horror movie sin (which, in this case, shouldn’t be a mistake): step out of your car and take a good look underneath. Maybe the treads are worn out or the air pressure is off.

If this is the case, the remedy should be quick and easy—but is it really? Having your car tire replaced is one thing, but choosing the right tire to replace it with can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming. If you are planning to go car tire shopping anytime soon, you might find this article useful.

4 Tips on Car Tire Shopping

Buying tires is just like purchasing every other product—you have to choose the best to experience the best. However, it’s not all that simple. There are several factors to consider.

Choosing the right tire for your car can help you save a valuable amount of time, money, and energy. Not to mention, you can also guarantee the better performance of your car because of it.

  1. Know the basics about tires

    First things first, you have to do your research. Choosing a tire isn’t something that can be solely based on what looks good. You need to know the basics:

    • Tread wear
    • Tire age (or its expected duration)
    • Correct air pressure
    • Appropriate tire for a specific weather condition

    Knowing these factors will help you determine the right specifications of the tire that your car requires. Tires have variations and types so if you don’t know your stuff, you might end up purchasing the wrong one.

  2. Choose the best tire shop

    There are countless tire shops in the Philippines alone, making the search for a go-to mechanic especially hard. If you’re on the lookout for one, keep in mind that it’s more practical to get in touch with one where you can get the best car tires at reasonable prices, as well as reliable and efficient tire maintenance services.

    GoGulong can get you both. We host a wide variety of top-branded car tires that you can purchase in a few clicks. Get it delivered to your place right away and eliminate the hassle of traveling for installation if you’re able to manage on your own. Not so comfortable with getting your hands dirty? No worries! We are partnered with over 200 tire shops nationwide, so you can pick whichever is closest to your location. Either way, we get your new car tires to you in the most convenient way.

  3. Assess the tire quality

    If you’re out to buy a new car tire, you should know the components that make a good one. Good tires don’t just rely on branding or being a household name. An ideal tire quality should be based on two components:

    • The tread, which comprises the external surface of the tire that ensures its good grip on the road’s surface; and,
    • The internal structure, which determines the consistency of the content patch and allows the tread pattern to efficiently work even during wet conditions.
  4. Consider the reviews

    Stars aren’t just for show. In fact, customers rely on ratings and reviews left by a service provider’s previous clients much more nowadays. If you are still aren’t set on the right tire shop, getting the reviews of other customers can give you more perspective. Before you commit, find out more about others’ experiences and what they thought about the service and the product.

    By doing so, you will know what to expect and what to avoid during your car tire shopping. Save yourself the trouble but going for a tried-and-tested shop that boasts of five stars, no less.

We Make Tire Shopping Easy

We get it: Getting new wheels may look complicated—and it certainly can get expensive. Thankfully, you don’t have to keep compromising your budget just to have wheels of great quality.

All you need to do is follow the tips above and get yourself a trusted tire service provider—like GoGulong! Begin our tire maintenance journey right today.

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