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March 01, 2022

Vehicles are made differently to cater to unique and specific market needs. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure that the tires you use for your car fit correctly. However, it’s not uncommon for car owners to replace their tires with the wrong tire type or size, without knowing that this practice is dangerous.

One of the effects of using the wrong car tire is an increased risk of getting into accidents. This can be due to the uneven wearing of tires, a heat build-up within the wrong tire, or getting an inaccurate speedometer reading.

In this tires maintenance guide, you’ll learn about the effects of using the wrong tires for your car. We’ll also cover how to choose an appropriate replacement tire for your vehicle.

Understanding the Differences Between Tire Types

Tires are an important component of your cars. They’re responsible for your safety, as well as for your comfort while on the road—but not all tires are equal.

There are two main differences between tire types: the tread patterns and the tire construction.

Tread patterns refer to the distinct tread design of each tire. If you look at different sets of tires, you’ll notice that there are a variety of patterns that make each tire unique.

Tire construction often refers to the tire build type, the size, and the compounds that make up the tire itself. There are two common build types for tires: cross-ply and radial-ply. The main difference between the two is the way their ply cords are arranged.

In cross-ply tires, the cords crisscross and are arranged at a 45-degree angle to the centerline of the wheel. On the other hand, a radial-ply tire has cords that overlap and are arranged at a 90-degree angle to the centerline of the wheel.

Cross-ply tires have stronger but less flexible sidewalls, while radial-ply tires have flexible sidewalls which allows them to absorb vibrations better and generate less heat.

Each of these tire types has its own pros and cons, and they’re built to respond to the different needs in driving. This is why it’s not a good idea to mix tires.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Car Tires?

So now you know the technicalities that explain why you should treat tire mixing as a cardinal sin. Now, let’s look into possible scenarios that could happen should you use the wrong tires for your car.

Higher Risk of Accident

Using the wrong tires can put you at a higher risk of an accident. One of the effects of using the wrong car tire is compromised traction and control. This means that it’s much easier for your brakes to mess up or worse, for your tire to fall off, which increases your risk of getting into an accident. Choosing the right shape, type, and size is extremely important when fitting a tire. You can learn more about getting the right car tires online.

Uneven Tread Wear

Tire treads play a major role in your vehicle's tires. They provide your tires with the ability to grip the road safely and ensure proper traction. They also help your vehicle accelerate smoothly and brake more quickly.

However, tire treads get worn from everyday use. If you don’t use the right car tires, or if your car tires are mixed, you will not have uniform wearing on all tires. This prevents the even distribution of weight across all four wheels, which can impact vehicle handling.

Reduced Performance

Driving on the wrong tires can affect your car’s performance. Aside from distorting your car’s handling, wrong car tires can also mess up your car’s brake times, acceleration, stability, and control.

Wrong car tire effects also include heat build-up within the tire, tire damage, and a risk of a blowout. This is not only dangerous but this also forces you to have an early tire change.

Wrong Dashboard Reading

Your car’s wheels have sensors attached to them to measure your car’s speed and movement. When tires have less traction due to the wrong fit, the sensors may find it difficult to get an accurate reading. Shorter tires make the speedometer read faster, while taller tires do the opposite.

Getting a good car tire maintenance service is important to ensure your safety and to optimize your car’s performance. When choosing a service provider for your tires maintenance in the Philippines, here are five important things to look for.

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