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Nov 29, 2021

Tire maintenance can be such a hassle. It takes so much time and effort to scour through shops for the specific tire brand you need, and sometimes this time spent may have been a waste when reliable shops simply are out of reach. Thankfully, car owners no longer have to spend more hours dropping by shops to manually look for tires.

GoGulong is an online platform built to make your search for car tires easier and more convenient. We connect you to a variety of legitimate tire dealers and installation centers in the Philippines that match your car maintenance needs. In just a few clicks, car owners and drivers can now browse for tires online and purchase them instantly.

In this tire maintenance guide, learn why GoGulong is your best choice for optimal tire care.

Convenient Platform for Car Maintenance

Gone were the days when car maintenance was not only costly, but also tiring and inconvenient. With GoGulong, drivers and private vehicle owners can search for the car tire based on their needs and car model. To further make the experience easier, we find the nearest tire shop closest to your location.

Feel free to skim through our client reviews to make sure you’ll get nothing short of credible, efficient service. For those who are inexperienced with car maintenance, our catalog offers comprehensive tire details and descriptions that would make your tire shopping easier.

Featuring top tire brands on the market and in partnership with over 100 tire shops in the Philippines, rest assured that we have whatever you may need for your unit. Best of all, we offer promos and discounts to save you the trouble of overspending on your car essentials.

Variety of Tire Brands and Types Available

It’s important to get a good selection for your specific car tire needs and requirements. That’s why GoGulong hosts a wide variety of brands on our platform, such as, but not limited to, Nexen, Goodyear, Yokohama, Continental, and Pirelli, among others.

Several tire types are also available, such as all-season car tires, performance all-season tires, ultra-high performance tires, and summer and winter tires. For an in-depth guide to purchasing car tires online, check out our ultimate guide.

To make it easy for customers to make informed purchases, GoGulong not only displays the product descriptions but also shows the tire’s specifications, manufacturer’s warranty details, and tire performance ratings, among others.

Several Partner Tire Shops Nationwide

It’s important for car drivers and owners to get the nearest tire shop available, especially during emergencies or when they urgently need the product.

That’s why GoGulong works with over 100 tire shops—and counting—in the country to offer you the best products and services that match your needs and requirements. This is important to ensure that you get the most trusted and established tire shops near you, so you won’t have to scour the city to get one.

You can also book a visit with an installation partner near you to get your chosen tires installed. Your chosen car tires can also be received through pick-up or delivery.

Price Transparency

Buying products online can be especially difficult when sellers decide to hide their prices to force customers to send a private message to undercut the competition and generate leads. Not only is this illegal, but it also wastes customers’ time and effort and limits their ability to compare prices.

GoGulong breaks the PM culture chain with price transparency. If you’re a driver or a car owner who’s looking for a shop to buy new tires, GoGulong’s transparent pricing makes it easier for you to check the exact price of a product by having the price readily displayed.

Information on discounts or promos is also available. This makes it easy for customers to compare prices, especially those who are not familiar with tire prices on the market.

Choose the Best for Your Car

Tire care doesn’t have to be tiring at all. With GoGulong as your new go-to source for car tires, you’re all set for quick and efficient car maintenance. Search for the right tires based on your tire care needs, and get them installed nearby in just a few clicks. Click here to get started.

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