New Years Resolutions For Your Car

Jan 14, 2022

Your car deserves tender, loving care just as much as you do. So just as 2022 is getting started, you had better give it the attention it needs. That means getting new tires for your Toyota Vios or taking it to your trusted mechanic for a proper tune-up. And while you’re at it, here are a few other car maintenance to-do’s to include on your New Year’s resolution list.

Wash It Regularly

If you tend to let your beloved ride gather dust for weeks (or even months) before giving it a wash, then now’s the time to change that. Whip out your sponge, car shampoo, and hose, then promptly rinse your car until it’s as squeaky and shiny as the day you took it home from the dealership. And in case you fail to scrub your car due to lack of time rather than laziness, then you can take it to the nearest carsh wash center instead (or have someone else take it for you).

Keep Trash Out

At the same time, you need to get rid of any trash or debris lurking in your car. That way, you can prevent any unpleasant smells or fungal growth before they even happen. You need to do this every time you use the vehicle. Don’t let garbage sit inside for more than a day; take it out as soon as you park your car in your garage. Should you decide to take your vehicle to the nearest car wash center, their staff will do this for you as well.

Check Tire Health

You also need to make checking your tires a habit. Inspect the pressure whenever you can; if you have your own tire gauge, then best do it every time you need to drive. You should do the Piso test to check the grooves, too. Otherwise, your tires might end up failing while you’re on the highway. Lastly, check your tires for cuts, punctures, and other types of damages.

Get New Tires

Through the tips listed right above, you can prolong your tire’s useful life significantly. But in case you find your tires damaged beyond repair, you need to replace them immediately. So take your car to your trusted tire seller and get a set. Or you can order it online through (your seller is probably a partner, too). Aside from getting new rubber for your wheels, you can also have the wheel cleaned and realigned.

Drive More Carefully

If you’ve developed bad driving habits over the years, then 2022 is as good a year as any to start breaking them. Go back to the basics and learn again the fundamental rules of defensive driving. These include buckling up your seatbelt, staying alert while driving, and yielding at the right situations. By letting go of bad driving habits and replacing them with better ones, you’ll become a more responsible motorist and prolong your vehicle’s life at the same time.

Learn Basic Maintenance

Finally, learn a few basic car maintenance procedures this year. These include checking the quality of your engine oil, inspecting your vehicle’s brake system, and checking the car battery. Doing these things is simple and straightforward enough, so you won’t have any trouble learning them. And while they won’t aid you when dealing with major vehicle problems, it can definitely help you prevent them to a certain extent.

Take Better Care of Your Car This Year

Being a responsible motorist doesn’t just mean knowing how to behave while on the road; it also means taking good care of your precious vehicle. So include the things listed above in your New Year’s resolution, and you can rest assured that your car will stay in tiptop condition throughout 2022.

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