Pre- And Post-Travel Car Care Tips Every Driver Should Know

Dec 21, 2020

Driving to a destination requires an ample amount of preparation to ensure that you’re ready for it. After you’ve traveled back home from a trip, it’s also important to look at the state of things to ensure that you leave them in fine condition. It can’t be overstated that your vehicle must be in tiptop shape each time you use it for traveling.

Preparing your car for travel, whether for a short one or a long journey, is imperative. You don’t want your mode of transportation to be the one that hinders you. You’d like to have a comfortable, safe, and worry-less trip when you’re driving to your destination.

Have a good driving trip by inspecting your car before one, and prepare it for the next ones by checking it after. Here are pre- and post-travel car care tips that every driver like you should know.

Before traveling

    • Check fuel

The first thing you need to know is if your car has enough fuel left. You can’t drive a vehicle without fuel, so see if you have at least enough to get to the nearest gas station to fill up your tank.

    • Check your tires

Your car’s most crucial safety component is your tires because they’re the only things that keep contact between your car and the road. Check your tire pressure and treads. Inflate your tire properly, not more than the maximum capacity marked on it, not below its minimum. Both could lead to trouble on the road and damage your tires.

Ensure that your tires’ treads are at least 1.6mm. The treads indicate how much traction remains on tires, which you’ll be needing to maintain a good grip on the road. If you see that your tires need repair or replacement, our nearest tire shops have the best options available that include the best brands like Nexen.

    • Check car battery

Check your battery if it still works fine. Start your car and listen to know its condition. If the starter sounds sluggish, it may be an indication that your battery is down to its last juices or it’s corroded.

    • Check the fluids

Check the various fluids in your car to see if they need to be flushed out or refilled. This ensures that your vehicle will perform at its best capacity during your trip.

    • Test your car lights

Test and see if your car lights and signals are all working. It’s for your safety on the road, particularly if you’re driving at night.

After traveling

    • Clean up your car

Post-trip car care should start with cleaning your vehicle, inside and out. Start with the interior first, see if everything is where it’s supposed to be, dust the seats off, clean the steering wheel, gear shift, handbrake, and all the surfaces. Wash the exterior properly to free it from dust and dirt.

    • Check tires and battery again

Give your tires and battery a second post-travel check-up just to make sure that nothing’s wrong. See if your tire still has enough treads and if the battery’s power is okay.

    • Schedule maintenance

If you were on a long trip or a breakdown happened on your way, you can have your car checked by professionals to see if it needs repair or replacements. In case nothing happened and everything was okay during your trip, it’s still good to know what your car manufacturer says about maintenance. Refer to your car manual and, if it has it, the smart diagnostic system to see if there’s something that requires your attention.

Take good care of your car

Before or after traveling, always make sure that your car is prepared for the journey. Schedule your tire rotation now to prevent uneven tire tread wear when you travel.

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