The Benefits of Investing in Premium Car Tires

Feb 28, 2022

Buying new tires can be overwhelming. When making a purchase, you have to factor in your budget, product quality, reliability, and your specific needs to ensure you choose the right product. Most times, it all boils down on choosing between premium and budget tires—but what even is the difference?

In this post, we’ll discuss the key benefits you can get from investing in premium car tires, and why it’s worth spending an extra buck in the name of car safety.

Budget vs. Premium Tires

As the names suggest, budget tires are cheaper than the usual, while premium tires cost more. This is because manufacturers of premium tires spend a lot on research and testing, as well as on branding. Michelin, for example, spends £450 million a year to develop materials, tread patterns, and structures to maximize safety and fuel efficiency.

Manufacturers also tend to use superior materials such as advanced rubber compounds for premium car tires. This allows the tires to provide improved performance and better experience to drivers. Know more about important car tire components to consider here.

What are the Benefits of Premium Car Tires?

Lower Wet And Dry Braking Distance

Braking distances measure the tire’s ability to stop immediately. When the road is wet, it can be difficult for cars to slow down to a complete stop. Premium car tires have lower wet and dry braking distances which means they perform better in preventing accidents regardless of whether the road is wet or dry.

Lower Wet and Dry Handling Time

Handling time measures how the car holds the road in wet or dry conditions. It includes steering, stability, grip, and the overall effort and sensations the driver experiences when driving the car. Wet roads can make it difficult for drivers to steer and control the car. With premium car tires, drivers can have a better grip and control of the car amid all road conditions.

Better Aquaplaning Performance

Aquaplaning refers to the loss of traction in a vehicle when a layer of water builds between its wheels. Premium tires deal better with moving surface water, allowing the vehicle to maintain contact with the road surface at all times.

High Fuel Efficiency Rating

Tires account for up to 20 percent of your vehicle’s fuel consumption, which means that bad tires can lead to more fuel consumption which can be costly and inefficient. Premium vehicle tires have less roll resistance and therefore burn less fuel.

Longer Tire Life

Premium car tires are designed to wear slowly, resulting in a longer tire life and giving you more bang for your buck. To know more about tires, check out this ultimate guide to purchasing car tires online.

Get the Best Quality Tires for Your Car

Aside from getting the right tire, it’s important to partner with a tire shop you can trust. When looking for a tire shop in the Philippines, here’s what you should keep in mind.

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