The Dangers of Buying Used Tires

Image Source: Photo by Daniel Irwin
Jul 2, 2021

We’re all guilty of always going for the cheaper option when it comes to buying things. Essentials, even. And we all know that purchasing used tires is a lot more budget-friendly than brand new ones.

But this can pose a serious risk for both the car and the driver. Buying used or secondhand tires may seem like a good idea now, but it is not worth the risk because the price seems to be the only advantage. Your tires are literally holding everything together in your car, so it is best to buy new ones and have them installed by professionals to get your money’s worth. Here we’ve compiled some of the dangers you may experience when buying used tires.

Compromised quality

If you’re not a tire expert, it can be easy to miss the different signs of a previously damaged used tire. Sure, these tires may look new and restored to you. Still, you never know the history of each secondhand tire whether or not it has compromised quality, especially if you haven’t gotten your way around learning how to tell the difference between brand new tires and used ones. Not to mention, it can also be very difficult to assess how well a used tire was repaired.

With brand new tires, you are sure to get the most out of your money. You can also rest assured that brand new tires will last you longer than used tires while guaranteeing safety and comfortability on the road.

Degraded tires

Used tires may have severe wear and tear, which can cause blowouts or breakdowns. You wouldn’t be able to tell a used tire’s age at first glance, so it may appear good on the outside, but deadly on the inside (literally!)

Rubber compounds may have started to oxidize, breaking down the bonds of rubber over time. What’s worse is that most used tire dealers conceal details and issues like this by applying black paint on each tire to make buyers think it’s newer than it actually

Under- or over-inflated

With used tires, no amount of regular air pressure checks and refills can mask up the reality that they are compromised and can never give you the best quality or driving experience. Under- or over-inflated tires can only cause damage to your car and put you at risk while you’re on the road.

Potential for recalls

Tire ownership does not work exactly like car ownership. You might never know about potential recalls of certain tire brands or models when buying used tires because the manufacturer will not contact you. In contrast to brand new tires, you will get updates from the manufacturer or dealer about potential recalls of tires.

Why buy brand new tires instead?

We all love a great deal as much as anyone, but if by any chance this puts you at risk, then the deal is never worth it. If you want guaranteed safety and reliability, then buying brand new tires is the way to go. These are the parts that make contact with the road, so it’s only important that you choose the right ones and buy the best quality there is. Used tires can only last for a short while, so why not go for new tires that will keep you away from constant repairs?

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