Tire Basics
Rollin Right: How to Make the Most Out of Your Car Tires
Jun 25, 2024
Let us share some informative tips to help you make the most out of your car tires.
How To Check Your Tire Size
Jul 14, 2022
Some people don’t put too much thought into the size of their vehicle’s tires. But the truth is, TIRE SIZE matters a lot. Not only does it help your ride maintain optimal performance, but it will also play a huge role in your safety and car expenses.
Car Tire Components That Make the Best Wheels for Your Vehicle
Dec 23, 2021
Imagine driving around with a bad tire—it can be incredibly inconvenient and scary. To ensure that your tires are performing their functions at best, they must be checked regularly. This is why it pays to know what to look for when choosing a tire that will meet (and even exceed) your expectations. Learn about what makes a good tire by knowing the right car tire components to consider.
6 Common Types of Tire Damages
Nov 5, 2021
Tire damages come in different forms and varying levels of severity. To help you deal with them, below is a list of some of the most common tire issues you’ll encounter, alongside tips on how to resolve each.
Ways to Make Your New Tires Last Longer
Oct 22, 2021
Tires are a huge investment. So in case you’ve recently availed a few tire promos and bought a new set of rubber for your beloved ride, best do everything you can to make it last longer. To help you out, here are a couple of tips that will ensure your money doesn’t go to waste.
What is Piso Test on Tires and How It Works
Oct 1, 2021
There are several reasons why you need to regularly check your car tire’s treads. For one thing, worn out treads can increase your chances of getting into accidents, especially during bad weather conditions. Also, threadbare tire grooves can cause your car’s other parts to degrade prematurely.
5 Ways To Spot Counterfeit Tires
Jul 30, 2021
Buying tires can be an overwhelming experience. There are hundreds to choose from, with varying types that suit different weather conditions and driving preferences.
Here is Everything You Need To Know About Brake Pads
Jul 26, 2021
A car’s braking system is one of its most important components that keep drivers and passengers safe. It uses key parts to press on the moving parts of a vehicle to produce kinetic friction converted into heat to slow the vehicle down and stop it. Those parts are called brake pads.
Here Is Why You Need To Rotate Your Tires
Mar 1, 2021
If there’s anything you need to know about tire maintenance, it’s this one. Regular tire rotation can actually help extend the life and durability of your tires. More than this, it also helps improve your tire and vehicle’s overall performance. Most drivers and car owners don’t pay attention to their tires not unless they start to get flat.