Tire Care Tips to Follow During the Summer

Image Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
May 25, 2021

Keeping your car tires in good condition is a must during the summer season. By making sure they’re well-maintained, you’ll enjoy smoother summer road trips and avoid encountering any car trouble. To help you get started, below is a list of tire maintenance tips you can try out.

Measure Tire Pressure

The lower your car tire’s air pressure is, the higher your risk of getting into road accidents. This is especially true during the summer months, since temperature can affect tire pressure. So make sure to regularly check your tire’s pressure during the hot season.

Have your tire pressure check at your trusted gas station at least once a week. If any of your wheels seems under or overinflated, then have the pressures adjusted before you hit the road. That way, you can ensure your safety and you can keep your tires from possible damages.

Check the Tread

At the same time, you should also check the treads of your car’s tires. Driving with bald tires can be very risky, especially during the hot months. Not only is your chances of getting into an accident high, but your tires are more prone to blowouts, too.

The best way to check your tire’s tread is by doing the piso test. Get a one-peso coin and insert it into the groove. Rizal’s head should be facing upright. If the year at the bottom of the coin is at least partially covered, then your tires are still in tip-top shape.

Check the Valves

While you’re at it, check your tires’ valves for any damages. Despite its size, these valve stems play an important role in your safety at the road. Any damage to it can cause air leakage, which could potentially lead to vehicular accidents in turn.

If you notice any leaks or cracks on your tire’s valve stem, have it replaced by your trusted mechanic immediately. Or better yet, replace your valves every time you get a tire replacement.

Keep Them Clean

Clean tires last longer, and they’re less likely to get damaged during the summer season. So make sure to clean your car’s tires once a week during the hot months.

First, use a hose to easily remove dirt from your tires’ grooves. Make sure the hose pressure is not too strong to avoid causing any damages. Then grab a soft brush to clean hard-to-reach places in your tires and wheels. Afterwards, rinse your tires thoroughly before applying your preferred tire protectant.

Drive Responsibly

Last but not least, be a responsible motorist. Believe it or not, the more responsible you are on the road, the less likely your tires will give out.

Avoid driving during hot days to prevent your tires from getting damaged. You should also steer clear from rough and rocky terrain unless your tires are specifically made for them. But more importantly, protect your tires by driving carefully.

Take Care of Your Tires During the Summer

How you treat your tires during the summer not only affects your wheels; it will also impact your safety on the road. So better follow the tire care tips listed above while the hot months last.

Know any other tips that can help protect car tires during the summer season? Let us know through the comments section below!

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