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September 17, 2020

When shopping for tires, it’s always tempting to go for the cheaper options rather than splurge on expensive ones. After all, most people can’t even tell the difference between the premium and the ordinary. Some of you may think you’re only paying for the brand name itself and not the quality. But the truth is, you actually pay for both.

Studies show that price is the primary factor to consider for people who buy their tires. But while it’s important to consider the price point, it is just as crucial to think about how long this specific type or brand of tire is expected to last, for you to understand whether or not you get the most out of the price you paid.

Should You Pay More For Tires?

Initially, most people would say no. As mentioned, people couldn’t exactly tell the difference of premium tires from ordinary ones right off the bat. But tire experts believe otherwise. All said drivers and tire shoppers should actually spend just as much as they can afford on tires because getting top-quality tires made with high-grade materials are crucial for one’s overall driving experience and road safety.

Price Versus Cost

To know whether or not you’re getting the most out of your tires, let’s define these two terms first.

Price refers to the amount of a product or service, while the cost is the expense incurred from the production or service rendered by a company. This also involves the manufacturing process and all other raw materials used in making the product.

Each tire is engineered for specific purposes, perfect for a particular vehicle model, with known strengths and limitations. And the general rule here is that premium tires perform better than ordinary and generic ones. Initially, going for premium tires might feel like you’re going over the budget, but in the long run, it’s actually going to save you from further breaking the bank. This is because ordinary or generic tires will more likely need twice as much maintenance--or worse, replacement-- than premium ones. It’s a sound investment that most people tend to overlook these days. Premium tires will have better value in the long run because good tires such as these will last longer and are more durable, with yearly costs ending up a lot cheaper. Plus, the cost you incur is twice as much when you get cheap tires. Not to mention, it’ll take more or less a few months to have these tires replaced.

This is the reason behind the price of expensive tires. Not only are you paying for the brand itself, but you also get your money’s worth.

The Bottom Line

Though you might find it quite similar, price and cost are two different things. Although they are related terms. The cost of tires is the total outlay of incurred materials and manufacturing, while the price determines the amount that a consumer is willing to pay, and the producer or seller is willing to sell. GoGulong is known in the automotive industry as it is a community of shops and distributors carrying brands and selling tires that withstand the test of times. Not to mention, GoGulong only offers the best set of tires for convenient driving experiences and safer travels.

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