"Your Journey, Our Passion"

Bridgestone Tires Philippines

Bridgestone aims to become a truly global enterprise and establish its brand as the undisputed, number 1 brand both in name and in substance. Fair enough, all of Bridgestone’s teams all over the globe focus on the same goal. The roots of this dream date back to the initial establishment of the company in 1931. Since then, Bridgestone has anticipated the future potential of tires for passenger cars.

Today, Bridgestone remains as Japan’s largest tire manufacturer with the tagline, “Your Journey, Our Passion.” The world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer is now in partnership with GoGulong. And both parties seek to provide customers with quality riding experiences through its top grade tires.

Dedicated to serving customers with high-quality materials and technology, Bridgestone also poses a one-of-a-kind service through tire inspection and warranty. See the company’s warranty policy here: https://bridgestonetires.com.ph/tire-warranties