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Tips To Buying Mitsubishi Montero Tires

Need to replace your Mitsubishi Montero’s tires? Check out the six tips below before heading to your favorite tire store. From determining the right Montero tire size to choosing the best brands, these bits of advice will ensure your precious Montero ends up with the right sets of rubber.


Don’t Mistake Montero for Montero Sports

Better known in the Philippines as the Pajero, the Mitsubishi Montero is an entirely different vehicle from the newer Montero Sport (although the latter is derived from the former). So despite its similarities, you shouldn’t confuse the two Mitsubishi SUVs as one and the same. That being said, the Montero Sport tire size is largely the same as the Montero ones.


Check Your Montero’s Year Model

Next, you should know the year model of your Montero. As you might already know, the size of the Montero tires will vary depending on it. For example, the 2013 Montero only has one tire size, which is 265/65 R17. On the other hand, the newer 2020 model has four options: 265/65 R17, 265/60 R18, and 265/50 R20.


Know What Tire Size to Pick

Afterward, you need the right tire size for your Mitsubishi Montero. There are two simple ways to do this. First, simply look at your current tires’ sidewalls, and you’ll find the tire size raised in it.


Pick the Best Brand You Can Afford

To ensure you end up with the best tires for your Mitsubishi Montero, you should consider not only the tire’s size, but also its brand. As mentioned elsewhere, not all tire brands are created equal, and some are clearly better made than others. So if you can afford it, best go with the better tire brand you could find.


Buy From Legitimate Sellers

Finally, you should only get tires only from legitimate tire sellers. Doing so will guarantee you get the tires for the right price, as well as make sure it’s the right Montero stock tire size. Plus, you can make sure the tires get installed properly. To top it off, it’s the perfect chance to have your SUV checked for other issues.


Get High-Quality Montero Tires at GoGulong

Follow the tips above, and you’ll be able to get the best replacement tires for your Mitsubishi Montero.

Speaking of tires, get the best ones for your Montero at GoGulong! With our online platform, you can buy your tires from the comforts of your smartphone or desktop. For your Mitsubishi Montero, we have selections for the 2010 year model right up to the 2020 year model. Come check us out today!