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Tips To Buying Toyota Avanza Tires

Need to replace your Avanza’s tires? Check these tips below before heading to your favorite tire store. From the right Avanza tire size to the best brands, these bits of advice will help you choose the right rubbers for your beloved ride.


Check Your Avanza’s Year Model

Before anything else, you should know the year model of your Avanza before replacing its tires. That’s because the size of the Avanza tires will vary depending on it. For example, the tire size variants for a Toyota Avanza 2008 can either be 185/65 R15 or 185/70 R14. Meanwhile, the 2021 Avanza has four options: 185/70 R14, 185/65 R15, 195/60 R15, and 195/55 R16.


Know What Tire Size to Pick

Next, you need the right tire size for your Avanza. This step is pretty simple and straightforward. Just look at your current tires’ sidewalls, and you’ll find the Toyota Avanza tire size raised in it.


Pick the Best Brand You Can Afford

Having the best tires on your Avanza will help it go a long way. To ensure you end up with those, you should consider not only the tire’s size, but also its brand. Not all tire brands are created equal, and some are clearly better made than others. So if you can afford it, best go with the better tire brand.


Buy From Legitimate Sellers

Finally, you should only get Avanza tires from legitimate tire sellers. Doing so will guarantee you get the tires with warranty, with the right price, and will be installed properly. Plus, it’s the perfect chance to have your Avanza checked for other issues.


Get Premium Avanza Tires at GoGulong

Follow the tips above, and you’ll be able to get the best replacement tires for your Toyota Avanza.

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