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Tips To Buying Toyota Vios Tires

Do you think it’s finally time to replace your Toyota Vios tires? The best way to know if you’ve worn out your Toyota Vios tires is to inspect them. That shouldn’t be so hard, so if you can’t have a professional do it for you, then you can do it yourself. It’s quite easy to inspect your tires since you will only need a one-peso coin. Simply insert the coin into your Toyota Vios tire’s groove with Jose Rizal’s head facing upright. The year placed just below Rizal’s head should be partially covered when inserted because that means your tires are still in good condition. If it falls below that, then it might be time to get yourself some new tires. Besides this one-peso coin trick, you can also just take a look at your Toyota Vios tires. Has it drastically changed ever since you first got them? If yes, then you know it’s definitely time to invest in some new rubber. Here we’ve prepared a list of buying guide tips when getting new Toyota Vios tires:

1. Get the size right

Make sure you always check the preferred Toyota Vios tire size before buying. Remember that replacement tires should always be consistent with the manufacturer’s preferred or indicated tire size and not necessarily with what’s currently installed on your car. You can use your car owner’s manual as a reference or have a look at your car’s door jamb just right by the drive’s seat.

2. Know the right type of tire to get

There is no one-size-fits-all tire. Different tires have different purposes and therefore cater to different types of cars. You decide which Toyota Vios tire type will work best for your needs or driving preferences: do you prefer fuel-saving tires or all-season ones? Or would you rather purchase comfort and touring tires over performance tires?

3. Always go for brand new tires

This tends to be an issue when buying “new” tires. Many car owners say they need to buy new tires for their car but actually go for secondhand ones. Secondhand tires are indeed a lot cheaper than brand new tires, but you might need to replace them sooner than you think. So don’t be intimidated by a Toyota Vios tire’s price because you’ll surely get your money’s worth as compared to purchasing cheaper and secondhand tires, which normally have compromised quality and other underlying issues.