Michelin Tires Philippines

Aristide Barbier and Edouard Daubrée built a factory in Clermont-Ferrand in 1832 to produce farm machinery and rubber balls which was later renamed “Michelin et Cie” when Edouard Michelin took over the business in 1889. Today, in 170 different countries, 127,000 employees work for Michelin and 200 million tires rolled from the production line in 69 production facilities throughout the world.

Michelin’s teams are actively working to create new goods, technologies and services — for safer, more affordable, sustainable and more integrated mobility that requires less energy and less money. Michelin also looks to diversify the sources of creativity at all stages to carry out its goals. As a GoGulong partner, this directly mirrors its goals to highlight the role of tires in every vehicle.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Michelin in order for them to deliver cutting-edge products that truly serve all the needs of their customers and aims to satisfy by providing assistance for their warranty. For assistance, click here: https://www.michelin.com.ph/assistance