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Michelin Tire Philippines

A Bold Brand Courageous and free-minded, it is not afraid to think outside the box, forge its own path and explore uncharted territories in order to achieve success. Michelin is continually developing groundbreaking products and services, such as its Vision concept and the Michelin CrossClimate range, the first summer tires certified for winter use. A dedicated brand Passionate, strong-minded and proactive. Steadfast in its values, it is not afraid to take a stand and show initiative to defend its ideas. An example is Michelin’s pledge to fight planned obsolescence by means of long-lasting performance. A generous, inclusive brand Empathetic, caring and sincere, it values everyone equally and respects their differences. It is open to the world and wants to share its love of life with everyone. An example is the Group’s Ouro Verde Bahia program, which contributes to local community development. "The Michelin brand is the best expression of our Purpose: giving everyone a better way to move forward. It embodies the Group's strengths with our customers and partners around the world. It's a promise that defines us and commits us.” Adeline Challon-Kemoun, Executive Vice President, Brands, Sustainable Development, Communication & Public Affairs, Member of the Group Executive Committee Solid technological leadership Throughout its history, Michelin's growth has been fueled by technical innovation. Innovation in products and services With nearly €650 million spent every year on R&D, innovation is one of the pillars of Michelin’s strategy to stand out from competition. The Group’s innovation programs have focused on delivering sustainable mobility solutions for more than 20 years. Today, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel efficient tires and a pioneering champion of the functional economy, which consists of selling a service or the use of a product rather than the product itself. Creating innovative products and services allows Michelin to consolidate its leading position while offering pertinent solutions to its customers. www.michelin.com.ph

Innovation is part of the DNA of Michelin in order for them to deliver cutting-edge products that truly serve all the needs of their customers and aims to satisfy by providing assistance for their warranty(6 years warranty from the date of manufacture). For assistance, please visit this site: https://www.michelin.com.ph/michelin-au-warranty