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Pirelli Tires Philippines

Pirelli 's history dates back to 1872, the year Giovanni Battista Pirelli formed a limited company in Milan, called "G.B. Pirelli & C.", to manufacture elastic rubber products. Pirelli now has a global workforce of about 31,500 workers worldwide. They all have a clear sense of common interest and belonging, and focus on efficiency.

The Pirelli brand is a symbol of innovation and excellence; A POWERFUL BRAND BEYOND TYRES. Their mission of continually striving to satisfy customers' ever-evolving needs and expectations fits into what GoGulong aims to do. A high quality service level and is accessible to everyone. A high quality standard of service that is accessible for everyone.

In keeping with its local-for-local strategy, Pirelli operates production across 19 plants in 12 countries situated near its distribution markets. Pirelli offers consumer service to cater to the desires and protect its investments in its brand, people and consumer. Click here to contact them: https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/tl-ph/contact-us


If the tire is presented for ride related anomalies the warranty period is one year from the date of original retail purchase of the vehicle or purchase of replacement tires (purchase receipt required) or within the first 2/32” of the original tread, whichever occurs first.