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Armstrong Tire Supply was established after World War II. The small trading firm imported surplus automotive parts for retail and distribution, gradually becoming known for its quality goods and fair prices. The firm eventually expanded to importing tires, becoming a pioneer in the Philippine tire imports industry and precedenting the development of Armstrong Enterprise Company, inc. from single proprietorship to a corporation. Armstrong Enterprise Company, Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of Toyo Tires in the Philippines for more than half a century. As such, our company has a wealth of experience in growing and stabilizing a brand, managing fluctuations in the industry, and maintaining a network of loyal tire dealers over time. In 2012, we expanded into another industry with the importation of various quality construction materials. Whether we are promoting tires or construction materials, our company’s reputation and high standard of personal service enables us to established long-term and beneficial business relationship with our customers. Our greatest asset by far is our hardworking employees, many of whom of have been with us for decades. Their willingness to go the extra mile exemplifies our commitment to excellence and to taking care of our customers.

Toyo tires have 8 years warranty from the date of manufacture. Visit https://toyotires.com.ph/contact-us/ for further information.