"Contributing to Society"

Yokohama Tires Philippines

In December 20, 2000, Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc. founded to purchase, import, export and sell wholesale tires and rubber products for cars, trucks and aircrafts. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Company.

Yokohama’s quest towards greatness applies to other business fields it has diversified into and its corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society” parallel’s GoGulong’s mission and vision. It maintains the critical connection between their ideals and the responsiveness to changes in current trends in order to identify and fulfill future user needs.

For over 80 years, Yokohama has been at the forefront of innovative advances in the field of rubber polymer. Their provided warranty extends on any authentic Yokohama tire: http://yokohamatire.ph/tire-warranty/